Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.15

@ross2011 wrote:

On the sansa + when you go to options, it says, “return to music list,” on the sansa clip zip, It doesn’t have this. Is there a way you can fix this and the known issue mentioned. thanks. 

Just press the Back button


Which ‘known issue’?


System Settings should not be top of the Settings list.  The previous firmware configuration was optimal in this regard.  Previously a single key tap (scroll up) took you from Settings to the System Settings.  This had the dual benefit of deeply nesting critical settings for protection, as well as providing easy access for someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

The lock / unlock function has become even more fragile by allowing the volume control to pass through.  A lock function should be just that; a lock.  With this new firmware, not only can you inadvertently unlock the unit by a single tap, you can now inadvertently increase / decrease volume.  This gives rise to conditions where you blast your ears (health issue) or you appear to lose all sound output (giving impression of erratic operation).  The lock function should lock everything.  The unlock function (and probably the turn on function also) should be a two key operation.  Eg. While holding Select key, press power key.  A settings switch that permitted both modes of operation might suit everyone.

The Sansa menu system has been well thought out and I suspect extensively tested.  I would encourage you not to make ad hoc changes that degrade its design.

A bug is still present that relates to the accelerated scrolling function.  When attempting to scroll to “S” it jumps back to the Shuffle command and ignores the existence of songs or albums starting with an S.  Can I Suggest putting a period or a dash ahead of the word Shuffle so that this does not occur.

Keep up the good work.

I am having the same problem you had. What do you mean by " reformat the ClipZip using its menu"?

Sorry for my ignorance.



Sorry… I got it…  Just got the Clip Zip today…