Sansa Clip Zip Dissassembling the Clip

It was so easy to dissasemble the clip on sansa clip and clip+.  Can i do that on Zip??

If you don’t need the rear clip, the new case size of the Clip Zip is pleasantly thin. The rear clip was redesigned to be much more durable than the earlier ones.

Ironically, the replaceable clip of the original device had an ingenious spring loop lock and horseshoe footing, a design that had two functions.  First, the clip was replaceable, and second, it would pop off if excessive force was applied to it, which could protect your headset cable and the plug connection from an early demise.

The plastic used in those early clips would crack at the pivot spring, one of those quirly situations when the material doesn’t quite match the design.  (SanDisk found a nice compromise by making replacements available at a great price.)

Back to the latest.  For the Clip+, the removeable clip was changed to a hardier fixed design, and with the new Clip Zip, it was made much tougher.  Removing it doesn’t look too difficult, but it does require some surgery on the device.

Have you had any problem with the clip, or are you interested in “thinning” the device a bit?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the info, i ve had more problems with zip, i ve sold it and turn back to my veteran v1 sansa clip :slight_smile: