Sansa Clip Zip 4GB won't charge


I have been using Sansa Clip Zip for about few months and everything was alright, but today (after several days of not using my Sansa) I wanted to charge it - it does not charge, after connecting it to the PC the screen flashes, (the rockbox screen appears - I have installed Rockbox because the loudness was to low in the original firmware) the charging screen appears and after sew seconds the player is turning off - I guess that it is fault of the battery :cry: If it’s the battery can I send my Sansa on warranty with Rockbox on it?

What happens if you boot into the OF and then trying charging it?

It says “preparing” - then “connected” - the battery icon is flashing but after few minutes it stops flashing and when I disconnect it it won’t turn on. I left it to charge all night and it didn’t charged :frowning: It seems it’s the battery fault :frowning: