Sansa Clip Zip 4GB: memory usage

I have a Sansa Clip Zip 4GB, and when I connect it to Rhapsody and my computer, it says 3.3 GB are used, but I have no music, pictures, recordings or anything on there. 

Your computer only shows the contents on the player that were transferred under the USB mode that the player then is connected to the computer under:  MSC or MTP (Auto mode will try to connect under MTP mode, and then fall back to MSC mode).  If you disconnect the player, switch the USB mode under Settings to the other mode, and reconnect, you likely will see the other content.

A reason why many users will keep the mode set to MSC or MTP (and avoid the Auto setting, which can switch between the 2).To keep things uniform, you could transfer all your content back to the computer (under both modes), reformat the player, set the USB mode to MSC or MTP, and transfer the content back.