Sansa Clip+ wouldn't charge [solved]

I had RMA’d my first Sansa Clip+ because it wouldn’t charge.  The new one had the same problem.  The player would only power on when it was plugged in.  I read on this forum that the battery solder joints were notoriously bad.  So I found a youtube video about how to get the case open.  Then when I nudged the red wire from the battery with a pick it came off the circuit board right away.  Inspection of the solder joint showed that there was hardly any solder but there was a scortched black mark there.  

A tech would have laughed at my solder job with my solder wand that is too big but it did the trick and the player now recharges.  It is fixed!  I just had to resolder the red wire back to the circuit board.

Thanks to the knowledge on this forum and a little soldering my player is working again.  Thanks.


Kudos!  And who cares what it looks like inside–it did the trick!    :slight_smile: