Sansa Clip will not turn on when disconnected from computer

When it is plugged in, it shows the “charge” icon and the transfer images, but once I eject and unplug it, nothing happens - I cannot turn the device on at all.

Thank you for any help!

This is symptomatic of the dreaded disconnected battery lead problem, although I would investigate further before opening the device. If it’s still under guarantee I would pursue that option. 

What is the dreaded battery lead disconnect problem?  My clip was working fine until I bumped it with my Mickey D’s tea – nothing spilled, just bumped the clip – and it stopped working.  I turned it back on, plugges it in to the charger, and it was stuck on the song that was playing when it turned off.  It still had some battery left when it shut off, but when I plugged it in it said it was drained and it would not charge.  Now I can’t get it to turn on at all unless it is plugged in.   With the charger in my car, it is still stuck on the same song.  When hooked to my computer, it says connected and that it is charging, but when I unplug it, nothing…

The battery lead inside the Clip can become disconnected.  When that happens, you don’t have battery power anymore.  It can be fixed, but you would need to open the case and resolder the lead, or glue it back using conductive epoxy.