Sansa clip was impossible to extract from the plastic, even with a knife and scissors.

Please work on more sensible packaging.  The plastic casing inside the box could be created in such a way that you could actually open it without needing to cut anything.  There is no need to seal the two halves.

This seems to be an anti shoplifting measure. It does seem quite wasteful though, as this packaging is probably quite expensive, as well being so hard to open. I like the way Slotradio cards are handled at Radio Shack. There is an information card about it with a photo of it and details about it. The item itself is kept locked up somewhere, so it doesn’t need elaborate packaging. The drawstring pouch included with the Fuze+ seems like a total waste. A skin for the player with a built in clip should have been included instead of this.

JK98 is correct it is done as theft prevention. the retailers require theft prevention packaging so dont bet on this one changing anytime soon. 

Hmmm.  At the very least, I wonder if there’s biodegradable plastic that can be used.  While still a bear to open, at least it wouldn’t then survive for 500 years …

Only 500 years? I always assumed future archaeologists would be digging up clamshell packages in 10,000 years and asking themselves “were primitive people really that masochistic?”

I guess I’m optimistic …