Sansa Clip v2 will not open (no response) How to Repair (hacking)

I have a sansa clip v2 4GB black, refurbished :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the latest software, firmware, and I installed Rockbox software.
Have removed the usb plug. Updated the device itself, Shutdown.

Does not turn, did not reset, I put the usb cable did not react !
Is there a key combination?

1- ) On/off buttom : Reset for 20 seconds

2- ) On/off buttom and play : Without rockbox

Does it power on when you plug it into your computer? If it does, but turns off immediately when you unplug it the battery lead might have come loose. Some of the original Clips had faulty solder joints on the battery lead wires.

People sometimes have reported success with a reset by holding the button for up to a minute–sometimes, the shorter amount of time just doesn’t work. Also, sometimes the battery charge gets so low that the player cannot recharge itself–a fix seems to be letting the player trickle-charge, by keeping it plugged into a power source (wall AC or computer USB) for a few days (and even though it doesn’t look like anything is happening), and then try starting it up.

Hi, I showed to repair the problem could not find a technician…
I do not see the computer, No effect on the AC adapter ! I tried

the sidelines waiting for spare parts, very bad
might be useful for someone :slight_smile:

software problem, No correction method

Yoy got me worried now :cry:

Is there a way of knowing what is my Clips rev.?? and if he have this problem?
And also if the Clip is refubished and the dealer didnd say. can know this If I have the Clips S/N?


Under the Clip’s settings menu, there is a system info. screen.

But candidly, why look for problems if there aren’t any?    ;)    The vast majority of Clips, presumably, have none.  You just tend to see problems posted here. 

Does not open at all…

Hold down the middle mouse button while pressing the USB connection. Did not work

1 Hold
2 Push Middle buttom
3 Usb connect

Rockbox site, check out there hacking methods
Rockbox Clip V2 Hacking