Sansa Clip User Manual and General Information

Don’t forget that you can use MSC mode on Macs!

We love our new Sansa Clips (2Gb x 2). The sound quality is great for such a small device too.

Which file formats apply to which functions, ie. to Music, Audiobooks, Record etc, in the Clip? Maybe you could expand on the Digital Audi Standards section in this General Information page. This info would save customers time & Internet research, thanks.

For example, what is the file extension that the Sansa Clip recognises as Audible?

Which format for FMRadio when it records?

I had to do a test VOICE Record, then look at the Clip in Explorer to find out that its format is WAV.

 “Because limiting size shouldn’t limit features.

I thought this quote from the Sansa store site was cute since the clip has no removable memory option…I mean-even the c200 has that!  And you can’t even replace the battery when it goes dead?


Everything I postied is just theories on why sansa did this not facts,

They do this for the money. Both the clip and the c 200 were released around the same year. If the clip had memory expansion then it would be the better choice over the overpriced c 200. Sansa could have made the perfect mini flash mp3 player , but they decided to widen their product line for some reason.

Another theory of mine is that the performance of the sd slot would not have beem good. Look at the c200. Many people have said that playing music from the sd is slow. So the might not have that feature for the clip becuase the company does not want a reputation for the flaw.  I do not support this theory alot becuase this problem could be overcomed by firmware updates.

The battery issue is a common thing. Usually they do this so that you are more likely to buy another one. The key is to make a product good enough that you will love it, but also give it a flaw that will cuase you to buy more. This is how money is made. If they made perfect machines then they would not be making as much money. The only pro I see about making and unremovable battery is that it will make is smaller most of the time.

I can not wait to buy the 4 gb model myself.

Everything I postied is just theories on why sansa did this not facts,

da4191 says: They do this for the money. 

Sandisk is a for profit company. I am sure they are proud of their work, yet they have to make money to stay in business.

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The cable supplied with the Clip is a standard USB (4 pins) to USB micro (5 pins) cable. It works great with my portable hard drive. You can also use other cables of this type with the Clip.

The Clip has changed my life…

  The Clip has changed my life…

does the 2 GB version come with a CD?

None needed–the Clip itself doesn’t require separate software.

Having said that, Best Buy units come with a CD that channels you to the BB music store.

If you need Rhapsody software, it’s available at the Rhapsody site.

Does it have custom equalizer??

@deby wrote:
Does it have custom equalizer??


THe only problem is the quality of sound, wihich sucks. I bought Sony earphones and then it’s much better. But still not the quality as my built in MP3-player on the K800i SonyEricsson phone…

About the FM radio: there is no radio built in in the Sansa Clip version. So the information stated here above is not as accurate as you thought it would be! :wink:

The Clip indeed comes in both fm radio and fm radio-less versions, depending on your region.

how do u restart the sansa clip??

my sansa clip does not turn on anymore and only works when it is plugged into the computer what could i do to get it working again??

If you Clip has charged for at least 3 hours and it still turns off when unplugged fromt he computer, then you may want to reload firmware and see if this helps. FIRMWARE THREAD

If the device continues to shut off, then you may want to contact Technical Support and request an RMA.

I need a general plain English step 1, 2, 3, etc.  Right now my Sansa Clip is plugged into the computer.  It says connected and has a picture of a computer and Sansa Clip with back and forth arrows.  In the upper right hand corner of the screen it has a battery heart beat that stays at about 3/4.  How do I know it’s ready to unplug and what do I do next?

I guess no one knows and/or is willing to help.  Thanks for nothing.

Dude, you have to give it a little time on a product forum.  Plus you buried your question in this thread titled “General info”.

The battery meter when charging, pulses from the current level of charge to the max.  So if it’s completely dead, you see the bar filling from left to right.  If it’s half charged, it starts in the middle.  If it’s fully charged, you get a solid bar.

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