Sansa Clip User Manual and General Information

It downloads fine for me. It may be a problem with your computer.

hi here is shujaat and i hav3 sansa clip 4GB but i am facing problems.

1-when I try to charge it thru to cOmputer so it doesn’t work,it gives an installation option for new hardware.

2-when it give this option then i try to install automatically and try with manual by CD also but it doesn’t install.

3-it also doesn’t charge by computer.just it shows name on display

Pls resolve this issue, bcz i would love to listening songs :slight_smile:

Where can I find more detailed manual info. for clip?

@gemeniguy wrote:
Where can I find more detailed manual info. for clip?

Unfortunately, there is none; SanDisk really needs to update and fill out the manual.

However, other places for info.:

–  here; read, search (use the box at upper left) and “troll”

– also has a Clip forum that may be of help; as part of that, it keeps a thread of the firmware revisions, at, that helps keep you up-to-date as to revision features

–  you can check out the SanDisk FAQs for its players and specifically for the Clip: and*&srch_btn_submit=%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0Search%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0&p_new_search=1

– SanDisk also has some general how-to videos for its players:

–  there may be some other SanDisk support info. in other corners of the SanDisk site.

Perhaps not what you wanted, but maybe of some help–

Thanks, every little bit helps.

Hi, is there a downloadable “how to use” manual



Um, did you see the link in the first post in this thread?   :wink:

YES I did notice it and read it,  just want to know how to use the ***** thing.


@tk1 wrote:

YES I did notice it and read it,  just want to know how to use the ***** thing.


What are you trying to do?

@tk1 wrote:

YES I did notice it and read it,  just want to know how to use the ***** thing.



Unfortunately, that is the only formal manual there is, and SanDisk hasn’t updated it (and it was brief on some topics to begin with).  You can ask questions here, as noted above, or do a search using the upper left search box.  (And I assume you know that you can save the manual to your computer as well, to read at your leisure.)

The link to the manual for the Clip on the first page of this thread is broken! Is the manual still available?

Dang–how special.  _ SanDisk, please fix? _

In the meanwhile, I can email you a copy, if you send me an email with your email address (use the envelope icon at the upper right).  Unfortunately, SanDisk has not kept the manual up-to-date, and it had some lapses to begin with.

Just updated the Sansa Clip User Guide link for you.  Thanks for mentioning the link issue!


hi there i am a newby and would i  love u to answer a problem i have have looked for the answer on the community cant find the answer i am sure that it is simple but i cant work  it out.

i have deleted the music on my sansa clip 8mgs, on media player still says the songs are on there. answer my problem please need it for my hols in 4 weeks. i have windows xp.  thanks again emerald

i thought it had changed my life to until i tried to delete the music my media player says its still full. just lost for words any clues how to resolve this please i have windows xp thanks diane

An easy thing to try:  on the Clip’s Settings menu, select format.  That will erase all the files you put onto the Clip.

Also, in the future, it may be better for you to start your own thread with a question.  Among other things, helps you get responses.


the general information isnt that bad, but I´m looking and looking… and can´t find an information about the earphonesocket. Please can someone tell me the resistance off this earphone outlett.

Thanks Gambler

If you mean the impedance, I believe it’s 16 ohms. That seems to be the same for all Sansas.

If you mean the effort needed to insert the headphone plug, it’s higher when the player is new, and decreases as the jack is “broken in”. Many people have complained of sound problems (mono, instruments only ( “karaoke effect” ), or popping/crackling in the phones) only to learn that they hadn’t fully inserted the headphone plug.


thanks for your answer, yes I´m looking for the impedance. There is an different answer in an other Thread with the same question. There is told that the impedance is about 10 mOhm and has a phantomground (virtual ground). Would it be possible to verify this 2 different answers so that only 1 can be right?

Greetings Gambler

PS. My english isn´t that good, because it´s not my first language, but I hope it´s understandable.

Yes,I agree with you they are a profit company.IDK if they are really concern with the users.