Sansa Clip - Ubuntu 8.04 and windows


I am wondering what the best way to use the clip with ubuntu 8.04 hardy would be, where I could still transfer from windows with no problems. Ideally, I could be on ubuntu or windows and sync using rhythmbox/wmplayer with no conflicts or the need to reformat. What are the steps I need to take to do this? I am running latest sansa firmware and using MSC mode. Do I need to format from one OS in order to use it on both? Also can someone explain to me the difference between MTP and MSC? Thanks a ton.

MTP is Windows only, so you will want to use MSC mode.

To change the mode, find USB Mode under Settings. Select MSC.

Stay on MSC for Windows and Ubuntu and the will both work as a removable disk drive. Remember to safely remove the device to avoid file corruption. On Windows use the Safely Remove Hardware icon. In Ubuntu, unmount the drive before removing it.

See the thread Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pinned above for more complete description of USB Modes.

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Only problem is that when I try to use Windows Media Player to sync in MSC, I get errors about the xml file not being able to be created. Also I tried chkdisk which wasn’t able to be completed.

Can you use wmplayer to sync to an MSC device in that case? Because it can be a pain to drag folders onto the player using explorer. Is there any method of using MTP on ubuntu? I know rhythmbox has an mtp player plugin, but it does not seem to work…I wonder if the errors in wmplayer are from removing it unsafely a few too many times…any thoughts?

Basically I want to be able to use the sync feature in wmplayer and rhythmbox on windows and ubuntu with no conflicts, and I don’t want to drag them folder by folder.

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