Sansa clip turning on problem

I had a 8GB sansa clip which has the latest firmware. I got to the point that I can’t turn it ON. The only way I know how to turn it ON again doing the RESET (slide to ON and hold it for a minute). After a while, I figure out how to get my Sansa Clip into this problem.

  1. Plug my Sansa to my USB wall power adapter to charge it. The Sansa is OFF when I plug it and it will turn itself ON.

  2. Turn the Sansa OFF thinking that it will be re-charged quicker. The Sansa will be OFF.

  3. After a while, unplug the Sansa and turn it ON. It will not ON unless I do the RESET.

This seems to repeat every time.

Is this a feature or a bug? Anyone gets into this problem?

Eliminate Step #2 and you shouldn’t have any problem.