[Sansa Clip+] Time display / Jumping current playlist by one organizational unit

Hi there. New guy here with two feature requests.

  1. Time display:

      I think it would be very fitting to put a “watch” feature into the firmware as the time is already being stored.

      A good placement for it would be one push of the select button after the spectrum analyzer. Another nice

      thing to have would having the sansa jumping to the watch-page after some set time with no input from the

      user and having it jump back to where it was before on any user input (e.g. button pressed).

  1. Jumping the current playlist by one organizational unit:

      First, let me explain what I mean by “organizational unit”, the idea will become much more clear that way.

      An organizational unit is whatever the user selected the playlist to be sorted by. This can currently be:

  • Time of the file being added to the library (Recently Added)

  • Artist

  • Album

  • Title (Song)

  • Genres

  • Rating (My Top Rated)

  • Directories (Folders)

      I think by now you all have a pretty precise idea about what I want as feature.

      I would like to be able to jump ahead or back one of those units when I have a playlist ordered by it.

      At “Song” I would say it makes sense to jump to the first song with an incremented initial letter.

      (e.g. from “A  New Form of Silence” to “Bang the Box”)

      For directory-sorted playlists subdirectories should be respected, too.

For me is hard to understand, why is possible to set date and time and have no chance to see calendar-clock anywhere. Press+hold centre could be good way  too.

Yes, Press and hold really helps a lot