Sansa Clip Supported Music Services?

What other music services other than Rhapsody are supported by the Sansa Clip?

Specifically I’m interested in yahoo unlimited music to go and napster.  However, a complete list of known working music services would be nice to know so I can shop around.



I think it supports Rhapsody, Yahoo Unlimited, Napster, eMusic, Amazon, Wal-mart music store, Audible, Overdrive, etc…in general it supports drm/subscription music and clear contents (music ripped from CD or purchased music).  The only thing it probably does not support is iTune

Yahoo doesnt let you put it on a mobile devbice anymore, they cancelled those services.

Sansa bills the Clip as “supporting” Napster, but this is a bit misleading because according to Napster it’s not “certified.”  This means that while the clip will play WMA files (the kind Napster uses) and MIGHT work if you hook it up, there are no guarantees.  If you try it with Napster and it doesn’t work, you are just out of luck.