Sansa Clip Suggestion for next Firmware Update:No screen activation when volume buttons are pushed

Hi, this suggestion is because I think it’s not necessary to activate the screen when there is a change in volume, it is perceived by ears not the eyes. If this is changed we can save battery energy and the OLED Screen lifetime. Please support this petition for the next firmware update with your comment, linking the thread or redirecting it. In Advance THANKS to the Sandisk Team and supporters.Greetings.

I agree with VisitorQ I however have another suggestion

  1. No screen during Volume Change (Have an option in the settings to override this) So this would cater to everyone because Maybe some people like seeing the screen during Vol. changes

  2. Option to shut off the screen when charging and connected to a computer as to save the life of the display

  3. If I think of it I will  post it later 

I like that idea. so please Sandisk Team take note, two sansas clip with option for turn off screen please.

Any options that extend the life of the battery or player is a good idea.