sansa clip stuck on writing

I plug the sansa clip 8GB up and computer will not recognize it…the clip will not come on when unhooked from computer…when hooked up in usb port the clip says writing…and that’s all it does…

any ideas? help?  pleassssssssssssse

I don’t know because I have the same exact problem.  Would love any help also.

I unplugged the dang thing and just waited till this morning (what else COULD I do)…and I actually got it to turn on…the battery was low, so I hooked it up to the puter again.  I have sent a question to the sansa people on their website…you know…the support folks…when I hear from them, I’ll post their reply…and see what THEY have to say about it.

Hi, i’m having the same trouble, but mine says Writing but the screen is very dark, I almost can see anything, just in a dark room. I’ve wrote to Sansa Support and an auto reply said that I have to register in eBox account but in the home page I can’t find this ebox.

Now I wrote to Sandisk Support, hope they assist me. If they do, I will write again here…

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Hi, I’m very happy, my Clip did work again. Well it was stuck on Writing and I think the battery went dead and I tryed again to turn it on and it did. But was in low battery, now I’m charging it. It’s working again.  :smileyvery-happy: