Sansa Clip+ Shows Full

When I turn on my Sansa Clip+ It tells me to free up space and doesn’t let me do anything  else. This started after I added a 16GB external card.  When I connect it to my PC all the internal  folders are empty.  Is there a way to format it other than from the device itself? 

Yes. Format it through Windows on your PC…

I’d plug it into the PC via USB mode, open My Computer, right click on that drive and select Full Format. 

Well, Foster, you’d be making a mistake . The Sansa has to be formatted to FAT32. Windows won’t automatically choose that. If the problem started with the 16 GB card, put that card in a card reader, connect it to a computer and find it in WIndows Explorer. Right-click, Tools, Error-checking, run that. It’s probably a bad card. You can also run error-checking on the Sansa internal memory.

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