Sansa Clip Screen Help

I have a sansa clip 2 GB V1, and all was well until I updated the firmware yesterday. When I press anything the screen has a yellow strip at the top and light blue on the rest of the screen. I have tried to reset it and re format it. Anyone know what the problem is? Oh, and it was left outside in 30 degrees . :frowning:

your screen may be busted. Keep it inside for a few days with out using it. See if its any better. You may need to get an RMA From Sandisk.

Ok, I put an older firmware in it…and it works. :smiley: I guess I shouldn’t have updated it? O well at least it’s fixed.

The installation of the older firmware probably wrote over a corruption in the previous firmware.  Now that the Clip is happy, you can reinstall the latest version if you wish.

When testing, I install early versions of the firmware.  I have a second PC with the Sansa Updater installed for quick reflashes to the latest build.  Once the Sansa is plugged in, it’s updated to the latest once again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: