Sansa Clip+ Restart soon after i locked it.

im not good at english but i hope you guys and the firmware developer can understand what i mean…

okay. i just realzed that everytime i play a music and i lock my sansa clip+ by hold the home button after a few seconds my clip+ is restarted itself, when im checking the version ( settings> System settings > Info)my clip+ is hang and it restarted itself again…

right now the firmware im using is the  01.02.18

please fix this as soon as possible, thanks :joy_cat:

Looks like this issue is related to the backlight setting. If the backlight is set to less than 15 sec it will freeze if the key lock is engaged. Work around is leave the backlight setting to at least 15 sec and you should not see the issue. I reported this to sandisk tech support. 

Thanks for posting a solution to this glitch. :slight_smile: