Sansa clip power button not working

I’ve got a sansa clip and I can’t turn it on or off using the power switch. The computer regonizes the device and it seems to be charging. When I disconnect it, I can listen to my music, but as I said I can’t turn it off. And when it turns off after I’ve pauzed a song for a while I can’t turn it back on unless I reconnect it to the computer. The power button feels stuck, too. I can put it in the hold mode just fine, but it doesn’t go all the way up (i think) and I don’t know if something is blocking it or if there is water damage (it might have taken on some water during my way home from work while i cycled trough a heavy rainstorm about a week ago).

The device is only 4 years old though and it has worked just fine until a few days ago.

I tried doing a soft reset, but that didn’t help. 

Has anyone had a similar problem and/or would know if this can be fixed?

It could be a physical issue with the switch.  Some users have taken the player apart and fixed or reset a switch.   

I also found the Home button on my Clip+ stopped working. Mine occurred after manually updating the software to V01.02.18P.

The Home button is now totally inoperative in any screen. Most screens you can work around, but It is impossible to exit Radio mode by pressing buttons. The only way to exit Radio Mode is by plugging the Clip into a PC, modifying the content, thereby forcing “update your media”. After this update the Clip returns to the screen which allows selecton of Raio, Music, Voice etc.

I wonder if the Home button failure is related to the software update or just an amazing coincidence - it just stopped working at exactly the same time. The Clip+ is nearly three years old.  Hmmmmm…