Sansa clip overheating

I got my sansa clip as a christmas gift a little over a year ago, around 1 month ago I had a problem with my clip overheating when I charged it and not coming back on. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement as it was under warranty.

My real problem is that as I was charging it tonight the replacement did the exact same thing. I haven’t had a chance to contact the company, though I likely will tommorow, but I was wondering if the new clip would still be under warranty? I didn’t use any third party charging cords or anything, I was simply charging it in my computer with the cord it came with. I would like to get a replacement rather than have to go out and buy a whole new mp3 player. And even though I’ve come to realize that the clip is obviously a low quality piece of junk, I just don’t have the money to go out and buy a more expensive player that wont break when I try to use it as intended.

What I would really like is to get the money spent on this back, though I realize it to be likely impossible.

So yeah, any thoughts on whether it will still be under warranty?

Make  a strong complaint and try to get a refund and purchase something else. Nobody should get stuck using what is obviously a piece of junk. Don’t be like the dopey people that might be reading this while their desk is filling their nostrils with noxious smoke from their smoldering desktops. 

The warranty on replacement units only extend as far as the original warranty on the 1st player. It’s like this so people don’t take advantage of it and get a brand-new player with a brand-new warranty every 11 months or so. While this may sound unfair to those who have a legitimate problem with subsequent replacements, it is pretty common for many products.

Unfortunately, the original Clip did have some issues with the soldered connections on the battery terminal leads. Sounds like this may be your problem. I’d forget about it and pony up for a new Clip+. They’re reasonably priced now, and have many advantages over their predecessors. More feature-rich firmware and a SD card slot for memory expansion.

And no such battery issues.

I’d telephone SanDisk telephone support and ask for a replacement–it seems to me, that’s only fair …