Can someone tell me how many hours of continuous run time the Sansa Clip player offers?, I want one for work. 

I’m new to the MP3 player world and was wondering if the internet radio is the same as satellite radio?, I’d like to buy a MP3 player that can hold music and offer internet radio if possible.

What player do you people recommend? 

The battery lasts in the neighborhood of 15 hours (depending on the playback, the filetype being played, etc.).  The Clip plays regular FM radio–different from satellite and Internet radio.

Sandisk says the Clip will run 15 hours per charge. Your mileage may vary, depending on file formats, bitrates, backlight settings, etc.

The Clip has FM radio, not internet radio. The Sansa Connect has WiFi features, but I don’t know if that includes internet radio. But the Connect is discontinued, so it can be hard to find.

EDIT: I checked, and the Connect DOES (or DID) do Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio. LAUNCHcast is now part of CBS radio, so if they’ve changed the way the service works in the process, it may not be compatible with the Connect anymore.

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