Sansa Clip + MP3 File-Storage Size Accuracy ?

Hi, Ive noticed that the size of any particular MP3 ive stored on my Vista Laptop differs to the file size stated by my Sansa Clip +. I suspect this has something to do with how NTFS works on my Laptop compared to whatever is in use by the firmware on the Sansa Clip +. The filesize however can be larger or smaler than that stated by Vista though. I havent compared the file sizes on other operating systems as yet but might in te future.

Could some one explain a bit more about this too me as although it’s not specifficaly a fault , It is an interesting quirk of the player.


Sounds like Vista can’t count properly.

My files are the exact same size whether they are on my computer, my player, or on a memory card in XP.

How much does it differ? If the difference is small, it may simply be that one platform or the other is rounding off.

Well for instance :-

Fisherman’s Blues.mp3        = 4.06Mb (Vista)  -  4.16Mb (Clip+)<-----Larger

We Will Not Be Lovers.mp3  = 6.45Mb (Vista)  -  6.25Mb (Clip+)<-----Smaller !

Strange Boat.mp3             = 2.85Mb (Vista)  -  2.11Mb  (Clip+)<-----Smaller !

World Party.mp3               = 3.68Mb (Vista)  -  3.14Mb  (Clip+)<-----Smaller !

Sweet Thing.mp3              = 6.63Mb (Vista)  -  6.26Mb  (Clip+)<-----Smaller !

So it seems that maybe some form of compression is occuring for the majority of tracks. However it is strange that some files are recorded as being Larger than in Vista. Although this segment of files listed points to the files mostly being smaller on the Clip+ they are only a very small sample and further investigation might prove that the opposite is in fact the rule in that most files may be larger on the clip in comparrison to vista. Either way its not a massive ammount to worry about but with 1000’s of files the difference could add up to a significant amount.

I was just wondering what is the reason for this discrepencay ? Could it be that 1.1 tags are not being imported with the mp3s ? and that the clip only uses the 2.x tags ?

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If the songs play fine on both your computer and the clip, I would just forget about it.  It’s not really a huge issue.

How are you transferring the tracks? If you’re syncing with Windows Media Player, it may be re-encoding the tracks at a lower bitrate. Check around in WMP’s settings under Tools>Options>Devices.

Im simply Cutting and pasting from one window to another. It’s no big deal but I kinda get into discovering whay stuff works the way it does. I guess I have an inquisitive streak.

Copy things back to the harddrive and compare sizes there. If they are the same, it’s just some display problem. Otherwise I would be quite puzzled…

It has to be a display issue - any re-encoding would cause a HUGE lag in transfer times.