Sansa Clip Missing Files

Bizarre one I can’t seem to find the solution to. I have a (relatively old) SansaClip which in theory has a whole bunch of albums and audiobooks on. I put a single audiobook on it, I can’t remember where from, and all my music disappeared. It doesn’t show up at all on the player. However, if you plug it into a computer it says 6GB of used data - clearly the music. But again, it doesn’t show up on the computer. Changing the file format (auto, MTP, etc.) doesn’t affect whether I can see it on either the player or the computer. The only thing that now plays is the final audiobook I added. 

So the computer knows there’s 6GB of ‘stuff’ there but it can’t see it, and neither can the player. Is there any remedy to this? I really don’t want to resort to formatting the player completely because I’ve changed computers since this happened and sadly lost a bunch of the albums.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

hi guys, still desperately waiting for a fix on this one?

Seems to me there used to be a trick with these old players where you had to change a setting in what used to be called File Manager or Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) to show “Hidden Files & Folders”.

If you have a newer computer running Windows 8 or newer, open this up (My PC), click on VIEW & make sure the Hidden Items box is checked. See if this helps.

Othewise, I think your only other option is to format & re-load.