Sansa clip LCD image burn problem

Hi all. Recently I’ve been having a problem with the display on my 2gb sansa clip. The LCD screen seems to have “afterimages” or burned images similar to the phenomenon on LCD TVs. For example, after playing a song I’ll return to the home menu and in the menu I can see remnants of the song title I just played and the time elapsed etc as black images in the background. I can even see the sansa welcome logo in the background as a black image whenever the blue selection color is over a certain area. Basically whenever I have the blue selection color over any part of the menu, song list, or anywhere there will be a mixture of black remnants of the welcome logo mixed with song names and sometimes the power off logo. This problem appeared to happen out of nowhere and I have not dropped the clip or anything of that sort. The physical screen does not seem damaged. Is there a solution to this? At this point even with maxed brightness I can’t even read anything because the black “burnt images” overpower the blue so much.


omg i just joined this forum actually to discuss the same issue, my 8gb clip just got the after burn image a few days ago and its ony gotten worse.  at first it was just seeing a song title in the background now i can barely see the screen at all :confused: i’m gonna call support this weekend and i hope my clip is under warrenty

I’ve seen a report of this on ABI’s forum, but haven’t experienced it before.  Out of interest, what display settings do you use?  My display is on the shortest time and around the lowest brightness, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

I think contacting sandisk for replacement is your only option.