Sansa Clip - issues with the clip using overdrive media. - SOLVED

I have spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting an issue with a Sansa Clip while  using overdrive media.  Overdrive media is a product used by many public libraries that allow you to checkout digital print and audio books.  In this situation the audio books where the item of choice.  I continued to experence intermitent sync issues with diffrent errors and sometimes no errors at all.  I also discovered I was having trouble working directly with the Clip at times with the windows browser.  The item that I finally discovered was at the root of it all was the HP USB printer/scanner that was in the back USB ports.  Hadn’t considered that as a potential factor.  So, in addition to making sure the Clip is at it’s latest firmware and you have the latest driver on your PC.  Try unplugging the Printer and other USB devices and see if the problem goes away if you having one like mine was.  Seems silly, but sometimes it’s the simple things we over look, like I did…  Good luck with your issue.