so i borrowed Sandisk Sansa clip+ 2GB to gift it to my girlfriend , 

and fyi i already gifted it to her , 

the problem arises here :

i dint loaded any song in it as i gave her it in seal packed condition , now she wants me to give her song which she wana listen in it.

before giving it i read that it has mmc card slot in it .

so i wana know , if i load all songs in MMC  (2-4GB) by card reader in Pc Mass storage mode, 

i) will it work in player

ii) what kind of fonts and symbol does it support ? (i dont want her to get messed with around 500 songs , so i renamed genre as Love , Love (Old),  Romance… etc…)

iii) which playlist format does it support and , where to place that playlist.

Thanks in Advance

P.S. i already have geniune collection of songs

i) I’m not sure what MMC mode is.  Your choices are MTP which allows synching with Windows Media Player and MSC which allows it function as a simple flash drive.   This is what I use because it it easy to just copy and paste the mp3 with a file manager

ii) It does not support any fonts and I would guess limited symbols.  I’m guessing English is not your normal language?

iii) playlists are just plain text  Be very careful of using some propietary format.