Sansa Clip + Headphone Adaptor

Hi All

Just wondering if someone could help me please.

I’m looking to buy a sansa clip + and have 2 questions:

  1. I have very good headphones (Sennheiser) and would be using the Sansa Clip + for running a lot. But I want to be able to change songs. Is there an adapter like the iLuv for Apple devices?

2. Can I take podcasts from Itunes and put them on the Sansa Clip+?

Many thanks


  1.  No such adapter exists for the Clips.  But they are easy enough to navigate (and change volume) by touch directly on the players themselves, including while exercising.

  2.  I don’t use iTunes, but yes–just make sure whatever you are transferring from your computer is in a format the Clips play and is not a protected file (such as earlier aac protected files, the original format Apple used).

Podcasts for sure. I think it’s pretty much standard for mp3 players nowadays.