Sansa clip frozen

I read the directions and held the power button down to reset it but it is frozen and won’t move forward to play… Whenever I hit the forward arrow it goes back to standstill mode. I am so frustrated don’t know what to do. I have turned it on and off and held the power button on for 10 seconds nothing changes…Please help…

2 possibilities:

  1.  You’re not doing the reset procedure correctly. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds. Don’t guess; count it out or use a watch. Release the power button, then press it again momentarily to power it on. With any luck it will start up and operate normally.
  2.  If this is a brand new player fresh out of the box, be aware that there is a screen protector film with a graphic of a screen image on it that must first be peeled off before using. There normally a little tab in the upper right-hand corner to get it started.

And some people have reported that a reset can require a press of up to 60 seconds. 

How did this worked out for you CCH? I was probably thinking that this is out of the box?