Sansa Clip Firmware Americas or Europe?


I have a question, I live in Germany and recieved a Sandisk Clip 2GB from my parents in the USA. I am wondering  if there are any 
advantages or disadvantages when upgrading the America/European firmware (I saw something about Scan step to 200Khz for US players?)

which firmware should I use on my US Clip here in Germany?

Thanks,  David

If your player has radio in it, you should use “a” or “f” firmware, the “e” (for europe?) will disable the radio.
Also see this thread on firmware. If you choose the “a” firmware you can alter the radio settings from USA to World, that will make the player search in 50 kHz steps.

(EDIT: corrected link - thanks Tyrion. … Now it’s here twice! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Thanks, works perfect:smileyvery-happy:!


I think the link SajmonDK ment to submit was this:

It states that the firmwares are quite similar and the only difference between a and f is the settings they load with after uppgrade.