Sansa Clip+ doesn't turn one and won't be recognised by computer.

OK as Rabgiliszta mentioned, i experience the problem when i plug my sansa via the usb to my laptop. a windows pops up saying that i need to format it. if i unplug the device and try to turn it on, it won’t. So for example it will always turn on if there is no interaction with a computer. Now this really limits the possible things that may cause this issue. What is the proper way to format a sansa clip+ ? That’s why you need to reset the sansa I think. Because when you plug it in your pc it sends some data saying that the device needs format and that’s why it won’t turn on. Hope this makes sense, but I am 99% sure it has to do with the interaction with a computer.

I read on this forum that if you format via Windows it screws the player. Is this for real? I am so confused whether to RMA it or not.

@silvershot wrote:


I read on this forum that if you format via Windows it screws the player. Is this for real? I am so confused whether to RMA it or not.


I don’t know where you read this. I’ve been around here for a while and can’t remember ever seeing any claim like that.

Obviously, he best way to format the player is to let it do it itself via the Format option in the Settings menu but . . . you can also format it through Windows. Windows assigns different cluster sizes (I believe it is) that doesn’t optimize the memory like it does if the player formats itself, so it’s usually recommened that one follows up a Windows format (if necessary) with a self-format for this reason, but Windows formatting will not “screw the player up”.

My clip+ just died today.  Didn’t drop it, didn’t zap with static electricity and didn’t drop it in the toilet.  These things are shoddy.  I bought the first one in Feb and it lasted 6 weeks when I brought it back and got a new replacement.  And that one lasted 6 weeks.  Both went blank during usage but it wasn’t the charge as I regularly charge them up.  I tried the force MSC but nothing, the thing is fried as the pc doesn’t even recognize it.  What is with the durability of these things?  6 weeks average lifespan with regular 2-3 hours daily usage?  I seriously doubt I will ever purchase a sandisk product ever again.  This is the kind of garbage associated with Made in Japan in 60s.

From what you describe (about both units), it sounds like they just got “stuck”. This happens occasionally. Did you try resetting them? Press and hold the power button for 20-30 secs. Release and they should start up normally.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had one for almost 2 years. It looks and plays like brand-new. Never had a problem with it. I’m confident is saying there are many others here with similar satisfactory results.

Well as long as mine needs only a reset every now and then, i won’t bother returning it. At least mine doesn’t freeze ever. That’s something, right? For its price it’s awesome I think.