Sansa Clip doesn't Start on pc only H

Hello :D, sorry for my bad english i’m German and 15, i can speak english jut a little bit.


Also, My Sansa Clip+ has died suddenly, after that I could not start it.

So I connect it to my Computer, but then come only H whit 0 Bytes.

I tried a Update whit Sansa Updater, but it doesn’t find my Sansa Clip+.

What do I do now?

have you tried holding the power switch up for about a minute?


Can you format the Clip under its settings?

Can you format the Clip using your computer?

Can you run an error check (chkdsk) on the Clip using your computer (right click on the Clip drive, choose Properties, and then look for the error checking option)?

If the suggestions above fails, contact SanDisk tech support for your region.

SanDisk Tech Support