Sansa Clip+ doesn't find mp3 files on flash, windows file manager find \ show all files good.

Sansa clip+ 2gb in MSC mode 

Memory flash 16gb microSDHC 10class Kingstone, formated to FAT32  

OS : Windows7 

If needed alternative os - Ubuntu\Debian

I tryed add file to:





but Sansa cant find files on memory flash …


I have the same pb with my sansa clip+ 2G with samsung microsd card 32G.

On internal memory, the directory structure is :




but on external memory, audiobooks and podcasts directory are created as subfolders of music ? Why? :





I found a solution:

 after i add some files to flash, i must disconnect player from computer and reconnect a SDcard on working player, only after this “Mp3 Scanner” find my compositions.

Thanks but i found a solution too : Rockbox :slight_smile: