sansa clip dock

I am looking for a  sound dock with radio and a clock for my sansa clip.  Do they make such a thing?

you can attach any mp3 player to any radio/alarm that supports input. Docking stations tend to be only made for ipods, but will support your player. I really don’t think you’ll find a custom one for the clip. You will need to buy an attachment cord, but that’s only like 7 bucks. If the alarm Isn’t too important, I recomment getting good speakers instead. If the alarm is important, ask for a test so you can hear what they sound like.

Thanks, I will look for that.

As far as I am aware, there is no Clip-specific dock (wouldn’t that be sweet, tho!).  Instead, you would need to connect the Clip to any sound-in jack through the Clip’s headphone jack, using a standard cable.

yeah it would be nice to have something like an ihome for the clip… you could dock the clip in vertically and it would just kinda hang there, with no danger of it falling… it would also be nice to have an alarm function too…

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The Altec Lansing IM413 does have an “aux in” connection, selectable from the dock.

It also has a cool remote control and its own built-in FM receiver.  Down the road, you can dock an e200 series or a Fuze too.

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all ihome type devices have an aux in port. I haven’t seen an ihome that doesn’t have one. i think he means that he wants a dock that he can control his clip from.

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Good luck with that.

The Clip has a data port for transfer but not control.

The e200 / Fuze series with their 30-pin dock port have remote capabilities.

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hey you would only need to update the firmware to get control

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Sorry folks…you can not connect the Clip to any device through USB cable and play music nor you can control the Clip through USB. The only way is to attach the Clip and play music through headphone connector. One way would be to get active computer loudspeakers.

Absolutely correct, as nice as a Clip dock would be.