Sansa Clip DOA?


I recently received a Sansa Clip from Woot.  Unfortunately, it appears to be dead on arrival.  The unit doesn’t turn on when it is plugged into power, it simply gets really warm after some time.   It also doesn’t turn on when it is unplugged from power.  I’ve already tried resetting the device by holding the power button up for 10 seconds.  I’ve also tried setting the player to hold and holding the center button while plugging the Clip in.  Neither trick works.  Any thoughts on what I could do?



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Woot sold the Sansa Clip under a 90-day limited warranty.  The following link has information on the coverage and how to contact Woot for returns:


Hey sansally,

Thanks for the info, that’s really good to know.   I guess there’s nothing else I can do then?



As long as you know that your USB port is working…I believe it needs to be USB 2.0…

The Clip will charge on a USB 1.1 port acceptably, though the initial high-current charge is not possible with some machines.  The device should power up when plugged in.

If the device does not respond, the only operation in the field is to hold the power switch in the ON position for 15 seconds, release, and try powering up again.

If it doesn’t respond, most definitely return it for another.

Bob  :wink: