Sansa clip createing 2 copys of the song when using winamp.

Sansa clip createing 2 copys of the song when using winamp to import songs

Alright ill just return it and get my money back and buy somthing better, thanks for nothing unless scandisk

You waited less than 2 hours for a reply? :confounded:

FYI, this is NOT a live-chat forum.

And btw, it was probably some setting you needed to tweak in Winamp. It was NOT the fault of the player.

But then we’ll never know because you didn’t give enough infomation for anyone to help you in the first place.

Mine’s been doing the same thing. Actually, this is the second one I’ve owned (I had the other for 4 years until it broke and I liked it so much I bought the same thing). The old one did it too but not until after I had added at least 200+ songs to it. It is kind of annoying because the copies of the song won’t play at all, so it’s a 50/50 chance when you click a song that it will actually play.

Other than that, I really like sansaclip because it’s easy to use and very affordable, portable, and durable. It would be great if I could fix this little glich, though, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, yeah…I don’t use winamp or media player or anything like that. I simply drag the actual mp3 file to the music folder in the player straight from my downloads.

Are you dragging the individual files or the album folders? 

If the album was ripped with iTunes on Mac OSX it will include a subfolder named MACOSX with little files used by the Mac called finder or pointer files. Apparently OSX needs them.

The files have names like ._01FIrstSong.mp3 . They start with ._ (period underscore) and  are 1kb in size. Because they have the .mp3 file extension the Fuze lists them and tries to play them–but they are only 1kb and not actually music. 

Search your unit for MACOSX. If you find a bunch of file folders by that name, you can delete them from the unit. 

On the other hand, if you are actually dragging over the individual files, I don’t know what’s going on.