Sansa Clip+ crashing when headphones inserted

When I insert headphones into my device, the device turns off.

I tried turning it on with headphones already in but this didn’t work either! Please help?

Unfortunately, that sounds like a hardware issue and probably not repairable.

It certainly sounds like an electrical short.  I wonder:  does it occur if you use different headphones?

Yeah I tried it with other head phones and the same thing happened… I put a metal skewer down there and it crashed so I think it must be short circuiting :’( gonna have to contact the guy who sold it me

Definitely so!  Get your money back.

I believe that you’re reseller should be able to give you a replacement since there will be a warranty period.

Resellers are not responsible for SanDisk’s warranty, if that’s what you are referring to–that typically would go through SanDisk itself.  But most sellers will allow a return of a defective item within a seller-set return period, or if the seller itself offers a warranty.

And it might have been a private sale, from one person to another. That’s how I interpreted it when he said, “gonna have to contact the guy who sold it me”. :wink: