Sansa Clip+ battery problem


I absolutely love my Clip however lately i am gotten some problems with the battery. I’ve done a total factory reset to exclude anyting with the settings however that didn’t help. I’ve used a silicone case with it so no bumbs or scratches or anything like that on it. I alsoalways used the battery charger that came in the package.

I have done a full 8 hour charge and the battery dies after only one hour. It have happened to many times to be a coincidence.

I’ve already used the warranty once, when the headphone jack went shoddy.

What should i do? Thanks!

I might add that the battery bar was full then it just infront of my eyes went to empty. That wouldn’t be normal would it?

Hopefully your warranty is still valid (it starts from the date of purchase of the 1st one, not any replacement). It sounds like the charging system and/or the battery has failed.

I’d call SanDisk and see if there’s any chance of getting another one.

Yea! On a second thought it also couldn’t be the headphones draining too much power. I am using a pair of Shure SE535 on the European volume setting. I am sure that wouldn’t be the problem.

I will make a RMA today and hopefully they will except it.

I sent it back to Sandisk. Had to pay over 13 euro. I don’t feel it was worth it despite i love my Clip. It’s just because the Clip is so cheap from the beginning the cost of the postage made it feel i could buy another copy and keep the faulty one as a backup.

It’s the second time i sent it back. First time it was a bad/loose headphone connection.

Well there aren’t any alternatives, maybe Cowon but theirs are too big for my taste and they have gone almost fully touch controllable which i hate!

have the same problem like 2 months ago, did everything, reset frmware, update, change usb cable … etc ect etc… and this week, seeing mi sansa clip+ 4gb just to be in the trash, i decided to fomat inner memory and install rockbox, latest version. never wanted to do this before becose im no fan of rockbox, so i installed this custom fomware, its horrible but solve the problem at last !!!, to charge it , i stop the “now playing” song and just plug the sansa … it solve it … damm im so happy. !!!  hope this help

PD =  register to this foum to share this cose i read every freaking post here to find some answer so i have the need to do it , thnkx