Sansa Clip: Audible and Rhapsody-To-Go at the same time?

I’m looking at purchasing a Sansa Clip, but I need both Audible and Rhapsody-To-Go compatibility.  I’ve seen posts indicating both work (individually), and if having trouble to reformat the device.  I’m just looking for confirmation that I can have both Audible and Rhapsody-To-Go content on the device, and switch between them without having to reformat the device in between!



You may need to format the player only one time when you first get it.  The reason is the DRM license store was not initialized properly at the factory for some of the early units.  Once you perform the device format , You can use the player for Rhapsody AND Audible at the same time no issue.

In fact, I use this configuration and it works fine.  No need to reformat again.