Sansa Clip+ And Windows 7

Hey Y’all,

I bought my Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player several years ago, and have always plugged in into my Windows XP computer to transfer MP3’s and charge the battery. After a couple of years of no updates and misc. other Windows XP and hardware problems, I finally decided to buy a new computer a and installed Windows 7 on it. Naturally, I have had some transition problems, such as 32 bit software not working properly, or at all on the new 64 bit system. Most of that I found work arounds for. But one problem remains… The new system doesn’t connect properly to the Clip+. It connects well enough to look like it’s charging, but I think it just drains the battery. Or at least I thought it did the first time I plugged it in, but I’m not really sure. I am sure that it is not showing up as a drive like it did in XP and I can’t transfer files to it in Windows 7.

So my question is, what can I do to solve this problem? I read somewhere, but now can’t seem to figure out where I read it, that the Clip+ is set up for XP and that is the problem. So how to I set it up for Windows 7? I installed the firmware updater on the new computer, but since Windows 7 doesn’t register it properly, the updater doesn’t either.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreate hearing them…

Thanks in advance!


After some more research, I tried changing the USB mode. I changed it to MSC from Auto Detect because I couldn’t find Windows Media Player for some odd reason. I know it’s there but it appears that to Windows 7, Disabling it means Uninstalling it, which I guess it did when I installed another DVD player, and Windows 7 Explorer shows the Clip+ as a drive, which is an improvement over not seeing it at all, but it shows it as being empty. No files or folders that I created, just the ones from the player, such as AUDIBLE, AUDIOBOOKS, MUSIC, etc., which are there but empty. Yet, on the player, all of the files I had on it before are still there in those folders. And it does appear to charge ok. So I’m getting there… Ok course, it would help if the display on the Clip+ wasn’t so small and I wasn’t nearly blind… :slight_smile:

The computer can only see one mode at a time. In MSC mode, it can’t see the MTP files and vice versa. But the Sansa sees them all.

The Sansa works for every version of Windows, and works in MTP mode with every Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.  It’s not tied to Windows XP. 

Windows XP originally came with WMP 9, but most people updated to 10 sooner or later. 

If you had USB Mode as Auto Detect and had WMP 10, your files were sent over in MTP mode. Now you are connected in MSC mode so the computer can’t see the WMP files. 

What happens if  you re-enable Windows Media Player,  change the USB mode to MTP and connect? Worth a try. 

Otherwise go to and reinstall Windows Media Player to get the MTP drivers back. 


No change, unfortunately. The only way I found on to reinstall Windows Media Player was the way I had been doing it. But that reinstalls WMP 12. Is it possible that an older version might work?

Even though I liked the way it worked on XP better, if I can’t do it that way anymore, I’ll learn to live with it. Eventually

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Unfortunately, I don’t know what the connection issue is.  But just to note that I’ve had no issue with Clip players on a Win7 system . . . .

One issue I did have with Windows at one point (it may have been Windows XP) was Windows assigning a drive letter to the Clip which already was in use–apparently, Windows can do that.  I was able to correct the issue by going into Windows’ Disk Management (I believe) console and manually reassigning the Clip to another (unused) drive letter.

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Hey Kids,

I’m back… After loading the player’s internal memory up with some of the files from a set of Audio Books I have of Game of Thrones from my wife’s XP computer, I forgot about this problem for awhile. But we’re going to be upgrading her computer soon, which means no more XP. So in view of the fact that Windows 7 on my computer is being most uncooperative, I have a question about MicroSD and MicroSDHD cards…

What is the maximum capacity of MicroSD and \ or MicroSDHD card that the Clip+ can use?

I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and all I see is that the player can use them, but there is no mention of maximum capacity anywhere.

Thanks again!


People have reported success with 128GB microSDXC cards, and I suppose the same is the case with 200GB microSDXC cards.  Personally and on the SDHC front, I’ve had success with a 64GB microSDHC card. 

Do note that, if you use “regular” sized files, you’ll hit the player’s database limit–in that case, you can access all the files through the folder view.

Or, even better, load the alternative firmware Rockbox onto the player–no such database limit.

Lastly, I’ve seen that a Clip just might not work with a particular make of card–I’d always be sure that it is returnable or that I have other uses for it, in that (unlikely) case.

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Cool… Fortunately, I don’t need anything quite that big. Wally World has a 32Gb on sale for about $10.00. So I think I’ll do that…