Sansa Clip+ and micro sdhc 4gb class6

i have an issue with my 4gb class6 micro sdhc which i bought some time in October . i used it as mp3 storage for my cellphone.

since it is a basic phone all i can do to connect to the computer to drag and drop songs is via card reader, i scan it later to make sure it is not infected with virus or anything though i know my pc is clean.

the scan do not go through always. At 4% and above it stops and do not complete scanning.

i go back to my computer and right click on sdhc icon to check properties. the computer can detect the sd card (because the icon is there) but it does not show the contents and the songs anymore. even the sd capacity is not shown. e.g. 0 kb capacity.

i don’t know if it is a virus or may be the lock switch on the card adapter has something to do with. maybe i dragged songs while the lock is on.

what could be the problem?..

i did format already but in case (just in case) the cause is a virus or let’s say the card is broken will it affect my clip+?

btw, i did not insert the card to my clip+ until now…

thank you very much in advance

Sometimes, a cellphone will do things to a card interfering with use in the player.  A solution has been to reformat the card in the phone and then try again (and I might then reformat again from the player). 

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hei buddy,

unfortunately, the cellphone i have used the card with doesn’t have that capability. it’s a very basic phone that don’t have file manager or access to format the card from it. good for me if i can do format from the sansa clip+ player as you suggested. i will try that, since the first format i did from the pc.

thank you very much sir Miikerman…

One other thing possibly to try:  try reformatting the card using the SD Association’s Formatter tool, which sometimes fixes stubborn matters.

okay, i’ll check that out. thanks again :smiley:

when i was downloading the formatter it asked me to back up andor close any program so i hold back first and i seek my friend’s advice who did format my computer. he suggested not to download the formatter because it might turn the automatic software update of my computer on.

any suggestions now? all i can think of is that format my generic card again from the computer (since i already loaded it with audio book), then insert the empty card in the clip+ and format it again via the player’s formatter… but i don’t wanna take risk.

what should i do?

I think your suggestion about reformatting the card should be fine (but note:  the content on your card will be erased–if you want to keep it, transfer it to your computer first).

I’m not sure what was up with the SD Association’s Formatter tool–I had no issue downloading and using it. 

yes, thanks to your advice.

is that so… but to avoid future issues im not going to download it. at least i could use the player’s formatter as my other option.

thank you very much! :smiley: