Sansa Clip and MacBook Air - Help!

I have a 2GB Sansa Clip and it worked just fine on my laptop until I dropped it. I bought a new laptop and went with a Mac this time. However, my Clip doesn’t connect with the laptop at all. No icon shows up, nothing is detected. The Clip recognizes that it is connected to a computer, just not vice versa. I saw a couple of posts that were similar, but not similar enough. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!!

Is your Clip, under its settings, set to USB MSC mode?

Same problem and question…my Sansa recognizes its connected.  the MacBook Air sees the Sansa, sees the categories/file folders but won’t show anything below that level.

Is there some way to transfer MP3 files to Mac directly from Sansa?  These are audiobooks on CD that were ripped via Windows then transferred to Sansa.

Tim McC

You could look into Kopymac–Internet freeware for Mac file transfer to the PC world.