Sansa Clip 8GB keeps restarting

If I turn it on it goes back off.  It will randomly power on and off if left unattended.  It will not reliably stay powered on.  Is it dead or is there some way to fix this.  I have reset, reformated and reinstalled the firmware. 

P.S.  Composing messages in this forum does not work properly in Google Chrome.  I was forced to load the dreaded IE to compose this message.

Sounds like you got a bum unit. Dependinig on how old it is, I would A.) take (or send) it back to the dealer you bought it from, or B.) call SanDisk Tech Support about a possible RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

As far as Google Chrome I don’t know, but there are others here on the forum who claim to be using it, apparently with no issues.