Sansa Clip 8GB headset plug

I have recently bought 2 Sansa Clip players and both have faulty headset plugin holes.  The headsets, when they are fully setted in the machine are in two deep.  The headsets only work if I tape the pin so that it won’t go in all the way.  Then the pin comes out easily and the thing I am listening to is continuously disrupted.  I essentially have to tape the pin to the recorder and even then any movement disrupts music or book.  What, if anything, can I do about this.  It has occurred on an 8GB player and a 4 GB player.

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Are you sure the jack is going in completely?  It can be a little stiff to begin with and you may have to push hard.

Unsure how it could be going ‘too deep’ as it should be physically impossible (although iphone compatible headsets can differ ever so slightly from what used to be the norm).

I experience this if I use a 3.5mm cable that only has one colour ring around the pin. Using a cable with two colour rings and everyting is fine. I don’t understand this but the two colour ring pin works fine.

The plug with one ring is monophonic (2 connections - signal and ground) made for a mono jack. A plug with 2 rings is stereophonic (3 connections - left signal, right signal and ground) made for a stereo jack. All current music equipment is using stereo connections and has been for years now. Some older equipment or devices for voice only use mono connections. Always use extension cables or adapters for stereo (3 connections) use.

Thanks 11412all. I knew there was a difference but didn’t understand what it was. Very useful info.