Sansa Clip+ 8GB first not writing to card properly - then not turning on - then red hot!


It seems i now have a small plastic brick in place of my beloved sansa clip+. Last night I was writing some new music to the external card and half way through i had an error message stating i didnt have permission to create files/folders however i was still able to write to the internal memory. A series of turning off and on, removing and replacing the external card and subsequent refreshes of the library ensued and no matter what i did the card would not be read. The clip recognised that there is around 4GB of data on the card but will not ‘see’ it - this is also true in a couple of card readers i have tried so i guess the clip messed up the files somehow… no worries can reformat and start again.

This afternoon however as i went to swap the card with one i have in my mobile phone i powered off, swapped cards, went to power back on and nothing… tried a few times, swore, put it in my pocket and came in for lunch hour. 10 minutes ago i went to see if the thing had got over its hissy fit and it was red hot!! It has since cooled down but obviously still nothing going.

This is less than a year old, not been abused - essentially long story short who do i contact for an RMA?

edit: just noticed it got so hot it has half melted the card in the slot - its now heavily warped… luckily it was only the 1gb card from my phone… still rather annoying.

edit2!: the card has been killed - gone from annoying to infuriating as there were several photos on there that i didnt wish to lose. no comments about backing up please as i didnt expect an mp3 player to melt an sdcard funnily enough.