Sansa clip+ 4GB


My computer suddenly didn´t recognize my Sansa Clip + - anyone know what the problem could be and what I should do about it? I tried the things the computer suggested - no luck.

Hopes someone here can help.

Hugs and puppies all around!

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  1.  It would be better to post this in the Clip/Clip+ board, rather than the Anything Goes (Off-Topic) board.
  2.  What are the “other things the computer suggested” that you’ve tried?
  3.  What USB Mode is the player set to?
  4.  Have you tried resetting the player by holding the power button down for 20-30 secs? Release, and then press the power button again to start it up.

If not done, you may want to set the player’s USB mode, under System settings, to MSC mode–works much easier than MTP mode.