Sansa Clip 4gb sighting at Best Buy

As reported at AnythingButIpod, the Clip 4gb has been sighted at an actual physical store, Best Buy in Kansas City.  if you were looking to check the player out, you may want to check your local store.  (No posting of the 4gb at the Best Buy website yet, though.)

And it’s also hit the shores of some of the Best Buy stores in the Northern California Bay Area (San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland).

I just saw it at a Best Buy here in St Louis, at 79.99. It was in a box hanging under the display, not on the display itself. I wanted to check the brightness.

Circuit City next door has no Clips at all. I wonder why that is.

I bought one on 3/15/08 in Fort Wayne, IN for $80.

Curiously, the tag on the shelf was mislabled as the Fuze. 

There was no tag nor price listing for the 4 gb at the BB store I saw it at, and so I asked the sales clerk to scan it, hoping that it might have been mis-identified as a 2 gb player and given the lower price.  No such luck.  :wink:

it has been just available on the best buy website for 79.99. it’s cheaper with the forum210 discount from sandisk themselves if you make the 3/28/08 expiration. i did finally receive mine from them the other day. yes the silly thing is dimmer than 2gb model but i’m not an outdoory excercisey person so i don’t care. and no the earbuds that come with it still hurt my ears so another pair is instore.