Sansa Clip 4gb post - mortem

The UK packaging says there’s a 2 year warranty.  Haven’t had to use it myself though.  Not sure why we get twice as long as the US but not complaining.

I guess because you UK’ers are more careful with your Clips than us folk in the States?

As to rinsing the Clip out, I think people have used distilled water and then squirted or poured it into the Clip’s openings (with the Clip turned off, of course), to try to flush any contaminants out.  I guess you also could dunk the Clip (turned off) in a glass of distilled water, and then shake it around; replace with new water and do it again.  And then remove it from the water, shake the Clip to get the most of the water out of it, and let it dry in a nice, warm spot, for many days.  The idea is to try to clean any contaminants out of the Clip, that could be interfering with operations.  No need to open the Clip up.  Of course, this should be a last-ditch attempt with a dead Clip–it could permanently short the Clip out.