sansa clip+ 2gb frozen sometimes & can't install software

  1. My new clip+ has just frozen - no button works and was fully charged.

    what’s the problem ?

    version: v01.02.15a

  1. Can’t install Sansa Firmware Updater, after installing, at the middle of the installation, step “Downloading latest …” it begins

    that step but can’t reach the internet I think… Then fails.

    on two computers so far - windows 7 and XP…

Please help.

Did you try a system reset?  Hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds or more, until the player shuts down, and then restart.

Many people avoid the Updater, as it sits on your system consuming resources and only is needed on the few occasions when a firmware update is available.  Instead, just check the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum every now and again, as to whether an update is available, and then manually upgrade–easy to do. 

that is exactly what just now happend to me! 

and just try looking it up on google or something bcs 

thats what im doin ahahah :slight_smile:

See the post directly above yours. :wink:

What I did about mine is I just restart it then everything went smooth. :slight_smile: