Sansa Clip 2G available space shrinks

Hi folks.  I’ve been using a sansa clip 2G for about 4 months now, and the hard drive size seems to be whittling down bit by bit every time I use it.  When I first started using the clip, 1.89G of space were available.  One night, while loading a large number of 40M+ files onto the clip I got an error message indicating insufficient space, even though I had used only 1.57 of the available 1.89M.  Now, even when the Clip is completely empty windows shows a substantial part of the hard drive as “used space.”  An apparently related problem I’ve been having is that the Clip can only handle one mp3 at a time.  If I try to load more than one mp3 at one go, there is a good chance that the file names and content get scrambled and I have to start over again.

I wonder whether the hard drive has somehow been corrupted, and whether a reformat would help?

Hello randomdude - now just to clear up, the Clip contains no hard drive but stores data on a flash ram chip… Yes by all means try to format it and see if it helps.

I’ve had similar issues with MTP file transfers. Basically if I remove songs from a playlist and sync, they sometimes don’t get deleted from the player, and hang around in no man’s land (taking up storage space).

Formating clears this problem right away. It’s only 2gb, reloading all your information should be prety quick.

You should upgrade to the latest firmware 01.01.20, and wmp11.

If you use wmp10, you should open wmp10 or My Computer after you plug the device to your pc.

Good luck. 

Hi guys.  A reformat cleared the problem right up.  Thanks again for all the help : )

Hi, I’m wondering why there is only 1.89 G when you start to use it and if reformating changes that?


It’s due to the fact that there already are files on the player (e.g. some free music files, the system operating files); it also may be due to how bits and bytes are counted.

It’s the way it is–don’t sweat it.  If you want some extra space back, delete the music that originally came on the player.

Sorry, I just got a clip and I saw format in the menu, but now I can’t find it again.

It’s under the Settings menu.